Direct Selling Power Unleashed

Ignite your Passion and Live with Purpose: A Guide to a Thriving Life and Prosperous Direct Sales Business

Using the six tools from her chapter in Direct Selling Power, Shannon Bruce, a certified professional coach, employs masterful skills to help you live an authentic life. She melds together a woman’s personal life, spiritual life and business to expand your understanding of prosperity that you might thrive! This over-the-phone group coaching program is offered to direct sales leaders and consultants ready to experience inner peace and wholeness while achieving greater impact in your lives and businesses.

This work will be done during twice monthly calls and in between sessions with assignments that guide you through the inner self-discovery process.

You will:

  • Gain clarity about your unique values, identity, purpose, mission and personal definition of success,
  • Have filters to making purposeful decisions.
  • Integrate the core of who you are into every role you play in your life,
  • Bring more joy, fulfillment, impact and results to your life and business.

Using the six exercises in Shannon’s chapter as a framework, you will receive coaching to help you and the other participants access your deeper answers within, offering you accountability and support

Here’s how it works:

  • 6-sessions held over the phone over three-months.
  • Book Price: $24 plus sales tax
  • Coaching: $50 per month for 3-months (total coaching investment of $150)
  • Up to 12 participants

If you’d like to coordinate a group for your company/team or be a part of a future group, contact us at