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A New Year, A New Word

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one word

I appreciate the positive energy and hope that a new year brings. At the same time, it can be overwhelming to navigate the plethora of information about resolutions, goals, strategies and more. The transition from a year end into a new one can be harsh and abrupt adding unnecessary stress if you’re not careful.

So in this first blog post of the year, I’m keeping it simple….

It’s a new year, so instead of resolutions and a long list of to do’s, how about a new word?

Yes, that’s right. Identify just one word that will guide you throughout 2011!

Consider the impact  this one word might have as it engages your heart, connects you to what really matters and guides you in taking purposeful action. Isn’t it time to simplify and bring true and lasting fulfillment, the kind that improves your life and contributes to others in a BIG way?

I want this to be your BEST year ever. You can begin right now when you decide to visit Make the time to discover your “word” for this new year and let this be your anchor that keeps you centered in your core. If you want additional resources and support, be sure to sign-up for my monthly newsletter.

My word for this year is integration. What’s yours? Post yours at the blog and join as a community so together we can find our sweet spot where we have greater impact with less effort.

Your sweet spot is that place where Frederick Buechner defines as “finding where your great joy and the world’s need intersect and that is most likely where you belong.”

Now’s the time; what are you waiting for?

Picture Source: Book Cover of One Word: Contemporary Writers on the Words They Love or Loathe, Molly McQuade asks the question all writers love to answer: what one word means the most to you, and why?


Just say No!

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no signDo you want more joy in your life and revenue in your business? If your answer is “yes” you might be shocked when I tell you “how” to go after the “more”.

Just say “No!”

You’re probably thinking, “really?” Could “no” actually be the answer to “more”?

Absolutely and here’s why. If you say yes to every opportunity, invitation, possibility or activity for your life, your kids’ lives and/or your business you will eventually run out of resources and you will crash just like a computer that has too many windows open. By saying “yes” to every suggestion or request, you are letting other people’s agendas drive your life and your business. Saying “no” can put you in charge instead.

Where do you need to exercise “no”?

In your life?

Your business?

Or both?

Pursuing too many opportunities is not the true path to success or fulfillment. The “more” you desire will come when you exercise your “no” and you streamline your life to achieve greater impact with less effort.

What will you say “no” to?

What accountability and support do you need  to begin?

By making a commitment to”no” you can reclaim your life and your business. Join me by sharing your “no” by posting your comment at the blog where you can read my comment as well. And, if you need a new relationship with the word “no” contact me to find out how relationship coaching can support you in the process.

Start saying “no” and watch less become more!

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For the Sake of What?

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steel stairsThis question “For the sake of what?” is one that all business owners ask at some point. It doesn’t matter whether your business is in direct sales, if you are a professional coach or some other self-employed entrepreneur. There is a time when this question will be the question whether you are fully aware of it or not.

It’s a seemingly large and provocative question. As you read it, I wonder what’s happening for you in this moment? Where does it take you? You might be pondering your answer or perhaps, you are about ready to hit delete because the question seems overwhelming or irrelevant to where you are in life/work right now.

Wherever you find yourself, I invite you to sit and stay with me. Your answer to this question is crucial to your ongoing success in your life and business.

Yesterday was a perfect “real life” example of this for me. I blocked the entire day to work on administrative projects for my business, which I’d been resisting for months. With deadlines looming I could no longer put it off. Several times throughout the day I noticed that I was drained so I got up and walked around to shift my energy.

Quite frankly the work was sucking the life out of me so my thought was “thank goodness this isn’t my daily life anymore!” I also wondered if it would actually be easier to be an employee doing only work I love rather than dealing with these non-delegatable administrative items for my business.

When I asked myself  “for the sake of what?” I was able to reconnect to my greater purpose for my business. The excitement around my deeper why gave me the energy to get back to my computer and work through “the list”. Today I am energized, celebrating and moving forward with clarity and freedom.

Not bad for six hours, huh?

So what about you. What will you do with this question?

Will you say “yes” to discovering your answer? If you need help, schedule a free information session to find out how professional coaching will support you. My book chapter in Direct Selling Power will also help you in the discovery.

Take some time to think about the question for yourself. Knowing your answer will give you clarity and guide you in a focused direction in the choices you make and the activities you engage, improving the results you achieve in your life and business.

I’d love to hear what you think. What’s next for you? Share your comments at the blog at

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appointment bookIn my expert call for the Direct Selling Telesummit, Sallie Meshell asked me this question: “Sometimes people listen to these calls, but then don’t take action, so what is the one action step you suggest the listeners take to incorporate your information into their businesses?” Before I share my answer to this question, I want to give some background to set the stage for my response.

My message in the book, Direct Selling Power: Expert Advice to Accelerate your Business is not a traditional message. Essentially, it’s a message of “slowing down” in order to “speed up”. After coaching women in the industry for 7 years, along with being a leader in my own direct sales business, I’ve come to realize how vital it is to understand who you are in business and the unique values, mission and success you wish to create, not just for your business but also for your life.

You might be wondering why I see this as so important. Let me explain further.

At some point in your business you’ll go through a transition that requires you to reevaluate and assess where you’re headed and what you really want. These transitions could be as exciting as learning how to balance your life and business because of your team expansion and your rising up to the next level of leadership. It could also be the result of a lull in your business where you aren’t achieving the results you desire or envisioned.

Whatever the case, it becomes a crossroad point of choice inviting you to “slow down” in order to “speed up”. During this “slowing down” point, you need to look inward to gain the internal clarity and truth that is right for you, helping you make purposeful choices that will keep both your business and your life thriving.

What happens if you don’t look inward at this point? You run the risk of:

  • Becoming overwhelmed and scattered which causes you to feel fragmented.
  • Working harder with less impact yet expecting different results (aka “insanity”).
  • Experiencing diminished results at home and in your work making you feel ineffective.

dsp_signatureOn the flip side, as you slow down and work through the exercises from my chapter “Ignite your Passion & Live with Purpose: A Guide to a Thriving Life and Prosperous Direct Sales Business”, you’ll come to understand your personal values, identity, mission, purpose and personal definition of success.

These filters provide a point of reference for making conscious, intentional and empowered choices that will bring internal peace and joy and greater results with less effort. In essence, your slowing down actually propels you beyond!

The truth is every business owner (and woman for that matter), needs to continually reevaluate and assess to make sure you’re on track to the inspired life you desire. After all, Alice in Wonderland was told, “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there.” Why not be proactive, rather than reactive?

My answer to the question Sallie asked was simple:

  • Block time in your calendar today by scheduling a non-negotiable appointment with yourself in the next few days.
  • During this time, evaluate on a scale of 1-10 how satisfied you are in your life and business.
  • Once you have your answer, decide what changes will improve the quality of your life and business? If you’re already at a 10, what more is possible? If you’re less than a 10 what action step will bring greater impact and fulfillment?

I assert that this time with yourself is not optional but rather a non-negotiable. Yesterday I actually shared, “Self care isn’t selfish; its essential to live out who you are completely.” What do you think?

We’ve all heard the quote that the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. What’s the intentional step you’ll take today? Share your comments at the blog and contact me if you’d like a recording of yesterday’s call.

Enjoy your time to yourself; may it propel you into all that you hope for and imagine!

Photo Courtesy of PhotoXpress © Gale Distler

Soap over towelsRemember that commercial years ago where  a woman is overwhelmed and frustrated by the many demands for her attention? She finally took a stand and declared “Calgon, take me away!” This woman was really onto something that I think bears repeating. Her declaration points to the truth that we all need to step away from the chaos and demands of life to slow down, pause, breathe, check in and reassess.

So what about you? Could you use a “Calgon” break? Permission granted…Go for it! Maybe it’s not a bubble bath, but it could certainly be a ten-minute break to breathe or go for a quick walk. Or how about sitting down to eat your lunch at the table rather than “on the go” or standing up?! 😀

At some point, you will get caught up in the “doing” and “serving” others through your business and your life that you barely have time to think, let alone feel.  Some of you might press in and push through, while others shut down and just stop all together. In either scenario, you’ll reach the point where you are ineffective and unproductive forcing you to reevaluate.

So what’s the answer?

The answer is this: give yourself permission to pause. Take a quick assessment right now and contemplate the following questions.

  • What are you currently experiencing internally? Are you at rest inside? Or are you feeling chaos within? Name what you notice.

Once you tune in to what’s happening in your internal world, take a look at what’s going on externally by answering these questions.

  • What’s working?
  • What’s not?
  • What really matters?
  • What changes are needed?

Your answers to these questions will reveal some powerful truths. However, you’re just scratching the surface at this point.

There are actually deeper truths that need to be accessed.  This internal wisdom will actually help you on the front-end to be proactive in your life and business rather than reacting to the shut-down or burn-out that comes after you hit the proverbial wall.

When you give yourself permission to glean this inner wisdom, you’ll discover your true identity and life mission which reveals your purpose. With this information, you have filters for your choices and you can design a path to the life you’re intended to live. This keeps you anchored in peace while achieving greater impact and tangible results with less effort in both your life and your business.

destiny_new logoThere’s actually a coaching journey that can help you tap into these deeper truths. It’s called The Destiny Project and this week it went virtual under one website location with it’s own unique brand, identity, mission and purpose. What’s really cool about this journey is that it provides enough structure to keep you moving forward, blended with enough process that takes you deeper into the learning of who you truly are at the core.

Many say they don’t have enough time to dream because there’s too much to do.  How about you? What do you think?

What if the question isn’t how can you afford to dream, but rather the question was how can you afford not to? I invite you to contemplate this in your “Calgon” moment as you exercise your permission to pause.

Post your comments at; I’d love to read your thoughts and be sure to check out the new website because it’s pretty amazing! Thanks Michael Warden and Josh Tilton.

Photo Provided by, Copyright Julia Britvich