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Celebrate Inspiring Women

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Group of College Girls in a CircleIn honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day weekend let’s celebrate inspiring women. Who do you want to thank? I’m sure there are many women who have impacted your life for the good so grab a pen and piece of paper and get ready to make your list of incredible women to acknowledge!

As for me, I have had many inspiring women support, encourage and challenge me as a single Mompreneur for over 9+ years, which has been vital to my personal and professional success. I’ve been richly blessed by their willingness to invest in me by providing inspiration, wisdom and insight as I’ve evolved, changed and become more of my truest self.

In particular, I have worked with three phenomenal women as my life and business coaches and I want to honor them today. Cynthia Loy Darst, Teresia LaRocque and Kim Fulcher all have four important characteristics that have contributed to my success—they walk their talk, act as catalysts for change, live alive and on purpose and call forth greatness in others. These are the criteria I look for in those I choose to work with and I am grateful to each of you amazing women for sharing your brilliance and inspiring me to be all I can be as a Mompreneur.

What about you? What women have acted as coaches in your life? What criteria do you look for? And more importantly how will you thank them?

Someone else I want to celebrate is Laurie Hardie, Radio Host of Coffee with the Coaches who is also my friend, colleague and Compass sister. I met Laurie over a year ago and as a fellow single Mom, I am inspired by her life and story that will be published in her upcoming guide for single Mom’s called Did Not See that Coming.

This resource will offer hope and inspiration to single Mom’s and I had the joy of supporting her community with a recent interview. Be sure to listen to the many stories of thriving in spite of life’s challenges as you learn more about Laurie’s book which will help all women committed to overcoming challenges.

I want to honor my own Mom who has been a steadfast anchor of peace and strength in my life. She is a woman devoted to bringing her full self to our family, with a servant’s heart and wisdom that has guided me with grace and love. Thank you Mom for the woman you are and the legacy you are creating.

Today, I also celebrate you! Thank you for using your leadership influence for the good and for impacting others with your unique greatness. Take a moment to receive these truths as you acknowledge your role in changing the world, one woman at a time.

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Chat with Women

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happy phone callI’ve heard it said that women use over 10,000 words per day so it’s very clear that we women “chat”! In fact, I’ve started my quota early today as I literally just got off the phone for my weekly chat with a dear friend and colleague of mine; we meet over-the-phone weekly at 5:30a to connect on a deeper level and support one another with accountability and encouragement.

One of the reasons we “chat with women” is that we are very relational beings. The way we connect is through conversation. Some times our dialogue is uplifting and life giving but if you’re like me, I often wish I could take back what I’ve said because it hasn’t been helpful, edifying or inspiring.

How about you? If you think about your “chats” how would you rate your conversations? Enriching? Draining?

In my experience with clients, the primary reason for disheartening conversation is women often operate and talk from an empty tank. When the car runs on fumes, eventually it’s going to stop and be ineffective. It’s the same for you; the level of “gas” in your internal tank directly impacts the quality of your presence and how you show up in the world, including what you share in your conversations.

Tomorrow I have the exciting opportunity to be interviewed on the radio with co-hosts Pam Gray and Rachel Alhadeff of Chat with Women. This is my “first time” on the radio “live”; what a great chance to use part of my word quota in a positive way. I invite you to join me as your support will inspire me and this could also be your chance to “refuel” your tanks. I believe the show will positively impact you by improving your energy and uplifting your tone of voice and the words you use in your conversations.

“Chat With Women is a company that is passionate about helping, developing, and inspiring women and the men who love them.  We achieve this by waking up every day with a goal of using our experiences in business and life while following our core values of love, laughter and our life’s energy to maximize everyday both personally and professionally.”

So tune in tomorrow; if you’re in the Puget Sound region you can listen at KKNW 1150AM or online at Chat with Women. The show starts at 8:00a Pacific and my segment will be at 8:45a. You can also listen to the archived show after the fact.

And as you “chat with women” (and others today) remember your words can help or your words can hinder. Choose wisely!

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The Value of Collaborative Leadership

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peopleDo you ever feel like the lone ranger in your business or work? As an entrepreneur what would it be worth to find your “tribe” of like-minded people to collaborate with along the way?

You’ve probably heard the acronym for T.E.A.M. which tands for “Together, Everyone Achieves More”. I know that without my “team” or “tribe”, I would not be where I am today on both a personal or professional level.

So who is your Team or Tribe? What men and women do you turn to for inspiration, encouragement and calling forth to make your dreams real as you leave your lasting impact in the world?

My new business platform continues to evolve. As I drill it down to get crystal clear on the deep “why”, it’s about collaborative leadership. In fact, this is why I am partnering with a fellow “tribe” member to create The Leadership Collaborative which will launch soon.

What is collaborative leadership you might ask? Here’s how I define it:

Collaborative Leadership—Working together with other like-minded leaders to create inspired lives and purposeful businesses for the greater purpose of positive and lasting change in the world.

As I’m doing my research around my new business platform, I notice there’s a continued shift happening in the entrepreneurial world. Business leaders are evolving to become “collaborative” rather than “competitive” and joining forces for noble causes to make a greater collective contribution. This energizes me because I want to be inspired by other people’s brilliance and have the ability to reach a larger audience with my message for the sake of the greater good that can happen.

In fact, the value of collaborative leadership is significant. Here are just some of the ways you can benefit when you find your tribe and conduct your work through a collaborative leadership model:

  • You gain clarity about who you are and what you stand for.
  • You have more fun and energy toward life and work.
  • You experience the magic of referrals of work to you and others because of connecting people to great resources.
  • You leverage the wisdom of the group to accomplish more and generate improved results for greater impact.

Last week, I held a virtual book talk and signing for my co-authored book “Direct Selling Power: Expert Advice to Accelerate your Direct Sales Business.” I shared insight on the topic “The 2% Shift: Becoming a Cutting Edge Leader in your Direct Sales or MLM Business.” As I prepared for the talk, I decided to leverage my collaborative leadership network and asked for support to reach more entrepreneurs with my message. And boy did they come through!

In addition to inspiring you to find your own collaborative leadership team, I want to personally thank my fellow friends and collaborative leadership tribe for their willingness to share my work with others!

I invite you to visit their websites to learn more about their work because they are top notch amazing leaders in their respective industries. So thank you to….

What’s been your experience with collaborative leadership? What will you do next to develop your own collaborative leadership tribe? Post your comments at the blog at Also stay tuned for more as my new business platform launches; there will be many resources that will support you in this endeavor.

Remember, together everyone achieves more!

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There is Power in Community

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Group of College Girls in a CircleDo you ever feel “alone” in your business? Could you use practical support and wisdom to keep you moving toward the life and business you dream of? If so, it’s time to find your “tribe” because there is power in community!

Having a group of like-minded business women will make a huge difference in your life. You’ll receive practical ideas and insight, not to mention the accountability necessary for change.

One community that can offer you the support you need is the National Association of Entrepreneur Mom’s. To get a sense of what this organization is all about, I would like to invite you to join me on Wednesday, November 4th at 12:00PM Pacific for the FREE monthly Guest Expert Call. This call and community might be exactly what you need to propel you to the next level in your life and work.

Who do you consider your community of support? Where do you gain the practical tools and accountability you need to create a thriving life and prosperous business?

I’d love to read your thoughts about the impact and support you’ve experienced in community.  Post your comments below and at the blog.

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Support Network for Mompreneurs!

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naoemDo you feel alone in your life as a Mompreneur? Perhaps you are struggling to keep your head above water as  you juggle the demands of life and work. If you can relate, read on because help is on its way!

An active support network is a “must-have” for all Mompreneurs. With a community of like-minded women walking alongside you, ideas, resources and practical tools become readily available to help you create a thriving life and prosperous business.

The National Association of Entrepreneur Moms is a just one example of a powerful network that empowers women like you to consciously create a balanced life.

This month, you’ll find a variety of added resources to support you as you head back to school, which means back to business.

Check out what’s available to you right now:

  • If you’re on Facebook, you can join the NAOEM Facebook Group to meet and connect with other like-minded Entrepreneur Moms. When you join this group, you’ll also receive invitations to join the monthly FREE Calls that will provide you with information and inspiration to integrate your home and work life.
  • You can meet, mingle and mastermind with other Mompreneurs when you join the NAOEM Membership Community.
  • Take your business to the next level! Sign up for the NAOEM Success Summit and take advantage of a special discounted offer.  Visit this special link to learn more about the Two Days of Amazing Speakers Offering You the Tools to Integrate Your Business and Family Life!

There are many other groups out there to support you as a Mompreneur. What support networks are you currently using? What impact has a support network had on your life and business?

Post your comments below and let’s learn from one another!

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