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Are you crystal clear on what will bring vitality to your life and keep your business sustainable? Consider this question and then explore  “Where do I spend my time?” Take a moment to write your answers.

As you look your responses, step back and make observations without judgment. Are you focused on a list of action steps that support you in “how” to take action? Are your answers and actions supporting you in creating “what” you want? In other words, are you focusing on “what” really matters and are your actions getting you where you want to go?

I met with local business leaders this week to share ideas around the “hot” topic of The Fortune is in the Follow-up. These are energetic and committed people passionate about serving their clients; it was so much fun to be in their presence! At the start of the meeting I asked what outcome they desired from my talk. Ultimately, the question being asked of this group which, I assert is a recurring one for all business owners, is “how?” Questions like:

  • How do I balance my time between doing the work and following-up?
  • How do I making meaningful connections that produce results?
  • How do I keep in touch with the people I meet?

These are important and relevant questions; I imagine you can relate to these. However, I assert that “we” as business owners are focusing our attention on the wrong question. “How” sets you up to look for answers outside of you which can take you away from what you want and what matters to you.

The questions I want to us to be asking are based on “what”. For example:

  • What is important to me?
  • What information is available that will support me in having the impact I desire?
  • What impact do I want to make at home, with clients and in the marketplace?
  • What’s the best way for me to forward?
  • What investment in relationships, coaching and/or training are necessary for me?

Shifting your attention to the “what” questions draws you inward to find your internal compass that is true and right for you. Here you tap into your core wisdom that provides clarity around your answers for “how?” Specifically, your “what” answers become the filter to run everything through as you decide “how” to move forward in meaningful and purposeful action.

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? I’d love to hear your comments about this so be sure to post them at the blog.

I also have an invitation for you if you want an opportunity to connect to your core to access more of your “what”. Join me for a FREE and complimentary Discover your Compass Group Coaching Session on the theme “The Power of Choice”.  As I prepare to become a Compass Certified Coach I’m offering two options, one on this Thursday, 5/19 at 10:30a Pacific and another on Monday, 5/23 at 1:45p Pacific.

Perhaps now is the perfect time for you to refresh and renew from the inside-out. Find out the “what” that will lead you to the “how” that’s true for you.


A New Year, A New Word

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one word

I appreciate the positive energy and hope that a new year brings. At the same time, it can be overwhelming to navigate the plethora of information about resolutions, goals, strategies and more. The transition from a year end into a new one can be harsh and abrupt adding unnecessary stress if you’re not careful.

So in this first blog post of the year, I’m keeping it simple….

It’s a new year, so instead of resolutions and a long list of to do’s, how about a new word?

Yes, that’s right. Identify just one word that will guide you throughout 2011!

Consider the impact  this one word might have as it engages your heart, connects you to what really matters and guides you in taking purposeful action. Isn’t it time to simplify and bring true and lasting fulfillment, the kind that improves your life and contributes to others in a BIG way?

I want this to be your BEST year ever. You can begin right now when you decide to visit Make the time to discover your “word” for this new year and let this be your anchor that keeps you centered in your core. If you want additional resources and support, be sure to sign-up for my monthly newsletter.

My word for this year is integration. What’s yours? Post yours at the blog and join as a community so together we can find our sweet spot where we have greater impact with less effort.

Your sweet spot is that place where Frederick Buechner defines as “finding where your great joy and the world’s need intersect and that is most likely where you belong.”

Now’s the time; what are you waiting for?

Picture Source: Book Cover of One Word: Contemporary Writers on the Words They Love or Loathe, Molly McQuade asks the question all writers love to answer: what one word means the most to you, and why?

reflectionChristmas is over yet there is still one present remaining if you are willing to open it. It’s the gift of reflection time spent during this last week of the year.

There is a slight “catch” with this gift. Someone isn’t going to come to you and hand you extra hours in your day for this reflection. This is one of those presents that you must decide you will get for yourself. Even once you choose this gift, you must be intentional and disciplined to make use of it.

You might be wondering why it’s so import to experience this gift. For me, this time has become non-negotiable and I guard it with intention because:

  1. Reflecting back on your year helps you identify your successes and wins achieved during the year. You can celebrate your accomplishments and own the many ways you’ve grown and become more of your true and authentic self.
  2. You clear out unnecessary thoughts, paperwork and possessions you no longer need for the coming year. This frees you up to move into the new year without hindrance.
  3. You identify what you want for your life and work in the coming year and can make intentional plans with action steps to get you there. This helps you begin your new year in action, being proactive toward what you want to create for 2011. This results in a thriving and fulfilling life rather than reacting to life and just surviving.

I imagine that many of you reading this blog probably still have kids at home who are on break. You’ve probably checked out from reading this post because you see this reflection time as a luxury rather than a necessity. I challenge you to take on a different perspective consider these questions:

  • What if you deciding to make this time for yourself is the way you model healthy self-care to your kids?
  • How might the future of your children be different if you choose to celebrate your year and plan intentionally for the one ahead?

As you choose to open the gift of reflection this week, use this celebration tool to guide you through the process. This is my free gift to you and for those of you that need a little extra encouragement, I’m going to sweeten the deal.  The first 4 of you who send me an e-mail with your answers to the questions will receive a FREE 15-minute laser coaching session from me. To be considered you need to e-mail me by Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 and it’s first come, first served.

As we wind down the year, I want to celebrate each of you by thanking you for being a part of my blog community. It’s been a privilege and joy to support you with wisdom, resources and encouragement this past year and I look forward to partnering with you in 2011.

Here’s to celebrating 2010 for the sake of an extraordinary and abundant new year!

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”
Hal Borland


The Momnificent Mom Club

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mmc logo on striped background smallDo you ever feel alone on your journey through motherhood, wishing you had a group of like-minded friends you could lean on for support? Do you find yourself looking around at other moms and their children, and then back at yourself and your children, only to wonder “Is this all normal?” There are so many answers and expectations out there for moms, and it’s sometimes hard to know what’s right for you, and your family. Some days we are laughing at the amazing things our children do and say. Other days we want to pull our hair out, or lock ourselves in the bathroom in the hopes of getting just a little bit of time alone.

The Momnificent!® Mom Club was developed so you can travel arm-in-arm with other moms on a similar path – moms who value personal and family growth; moms who are committed to living a life that feels “right” for them. You will receive ongoing teaching and support from leading mom experts, as well as regular inspiration and motivation to apply what you’ve learned and develop new habits. In the MMC, you will have an outlet to share stories of joy and heartfelt struggles, and receive validation for who you are, and where you’re at.

Are you ready to be empowered to reach your goals?

This Wednesday, December 1st, 2010, I am thrilled to be the Momnificent Mom Club expert as I partner with my friend and colleague Lori Radun, Mom Coach and Founder of Momnificent.

During this upcoming Momnificent Mom Club Monthly Teleclass I will share the following topic:

The 5 Keys to Unlocking Passion, Purpose and Prosperity
A Transformational Approach to Setting Goals

Do you set goals and forget about them? Are your goals exciting at first, but you don’t take continual action to achieve them? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, join us as Shannon helps you discover a holistic and life-changing approach to setting meaningful and sustainable goals. Learn how to integrate your values which is one of the primary keys to this transformational goal setting approach. You’ll discover how to live from the heart as you unlock your passion, purpose and prosperity to create a positive and lasting impact at home, in your community and your workplace.

Join us for the call and experience the power of community!

Like Minded Moms + Expert Coaching + Personal Growth = The Momnificent!® Mom Club
Join Today for Free!

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For the Sake of What?

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steel stairsThis question “For the sake of what?” is one that all business owners ask at some point. It doesn’t matter whether your business is in direct sales, if you are a professional coach or some other self-employed entrepreneur. There is a time when this question will be the question whether you are fully aware of it or not.

It’s a seemingly large and provocative question. As you read it, I wonder what’s happening for you in this moment? Where does it take you? You might be pondering your answer or perhaps, you are about ready to hit delete because the question seems overwhelming or irrelevant to where you are in life/work right now.

Wherever you find yourself, I invite you to sit and stay with me. Your answer to this question is crucial to your ongoing success in your life and business.

Yesterday was a perfect “real life” example of this for me. I blocked the entire day to work on administrative projects for my business, which I’d been resisting for months. With deadlines looming I could no longer put it off. Several times throughout the day I noticed that I was drained so I got up and walked around to shift my energy.

Quite frankly the work was sucking the life out of me so my thought was “thank goodness this isn’t my daily life anymore!” I also wondered if it would actually be easier to be an employee doing only work I love rather than dealing with these non-delegatable administrative items for my business.

When I asked myself  “for the sake of what?” I was able to reconnect to my greater purpose for my business. The excitement around my deeper why gave me the energy to get back to my computer and work through “the list”. Today I am energized, celebrating and moving forward with clarity and freedom.

Not bad for six hours, huh?

So what about you. What will you do with this question?

Will you say “yes” to discovering your answer? If you need help, schedule a free information session to find out how professional coaching will support you. My book chapter in Direct Selling Power will also help you in the discovery.

Take some time to think about the question for yourself. Knowing your answer will give you clarity and guide you in a focused direction in the choices you make and the activities you engage, improving the results you achieve in your life and business.

I’d love to hear what you think. What’s next for you? Share your comments at the blog at

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