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single giftWhere are your thoughts focused? Are you noticing what’s not working? Do you pay attention to what still needs to be done or what you still don’t have?

These are good places to look because it helps you choose your activities, supporting changes that intentionally move you in the direction of what you want. This is what will make your dreams become real.

The problem is that it’s a one-dimensional approach toward life. You are not just a “human doing” you are a “human being”. When you keep your internal focus zoned in only on the changes needed, you lose sight of what’s present here right now.

Ask yourself these questions to bring fullness to your life today:

  • What’s good?
  • What’s working”
  • What can you celebrate?
  • What strengths can you embrace?

As you consider this insight, remember that your life is like a coin. One side is about being in action while the other side is about slowing down to connect to your internal core. Both sides of the coin are essential to allow all of who you are to thrive and flourish at home, work and more.

So, it doesn’t really matter whether you have been on the doing side of the coin or you’ve been resting in the being side. Play with the coin, flip it and decide to embrace what’s here today as you let this present moment inform you of what’s next.

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“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God’s gift, that’s why we call it the present.Joan Rivers

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